CST for Pediatrics 1

"CST for Pediatrics 1"

CranioSacral Therapy for Paediatrics 1 addresses the special application of CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release® and Energy Cyst release on newborns, infants and children. The course will take you on a playful journey through the differences in anatomy between babies, children and adult craniosacral systems and how, as a result, we adapt techniques appropriately.
You will learn how to engage and connect with children who are not neurotypical and begin to get an understanding of the neurology behind unusual behaviours, neurological development and reflexes. You will practice feeling the CS rhythm and working on a moving target!

After gaining a better understanding of the birth process, there will be an opportunity for you to complete your biological process around your own birth, invaluable for learning how to hold a space for someone who has yet to resolve their own birth issues.

The development of a grounded therapeutic presence runs through the whole of this course as it is even more important when working with babies, children and their families than when working with an adult. A child grows in a family and so family dynamics are addressed and how as a therapist you can work with this and recognise what is happening.

There will be ample opportunity for supervised practice sessions with babies and children and their families on the third and fourth day of the course. By the end of the four days you will have gained a good understanding of paediatric work, and confidence in working with children.


Learn how early therapy on newborns and infants can possibly reduce the percentage of central nervous system problems

Explore the developmental landmarks that occurmonth by month during and after gestation

Practice working with infants and children in a supervised environment

Discover a 10-Step Protocol you can perform to help evaluate a newborn

Discuss ways to apply CST to children with learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, seizures or other health challenges

Explore special topics such as understanding the birth process and treating the pregnant mother and fetus along with the new mother and newborn, and working in a conventional obstetrical setting


Successful completion of SomatoEmotional Release® 1 and reading of A Brain Is Born by John E. Upledger, DO, OMM

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