Where to begin

Where to start from

I am a healthcare professional qualified and licensed to practice

Upledger Institute International has designed the continuing educational workshops in order  to augment the professional practices or educational programs of healthcare practitioners.  Admission requires each participant to hold a current healthcare license or certificate, or be enrolled in an educational program granting licensure or certification.  Upon course completion, participants must also assume responsibility for understanding which techniques fall within the scope of their practices.

If that is the case, then great! Go straight to the details of our Core Training.

You can also check the More Trainingcourses. These are courses that you can do after completing successfully the SER1 workshop.

I have no previous healthcare experience

In that case you can go and get a first training elsewhere. It needs to be a nationally recognised training to at least level 3 – for example a massage therapy or similar course, and you also need the anatomy, physiology and pathology qualification to that same level and to have built up some experience of working with people as a therapist.

I had some previous healthcare experience, is this enough?

If you have a background in some form of healthcare but either not to a nationally recognised level of qualification, without the required level of anatomy, physiology and pathology or if you have not had a palpatory element to your work (eg if you are a yoga, pilates or fitness instructor) you may need or wish to complete the Introductory Course first. We usually work this out on a case by case basis. See what is on offer and what you might benefit from if it has not been part of your previous training.

I just want to know some techniques so I can help my family or friends…

Some people take the classes either for their own personal development or to use on family and friends in a non-clinical setting. If you are coming to the work without any other background and are not a practicing therapist we ask that you contact us first.

You may also be interested in attending an Introductory course first, either if you have no background or if you want to see if it is for you before you embark on a potentially longer training journey. These are run all round the country, by various of our experienced and qualified therapists. See what is involved in that on the Introductory Coursepage.

Help me! I don’t belong in any of the above category…

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