VM6 – Visceral Manipulation 6



ViscroEmotional Relationships - VM6 Offers and in depth understanding of the relation between the organs and emotion. There are many ways in which the mind can affect our body and in VM6 you will learn all about these connections and techniques that will allow you to bring order and balance in the visceroemotional cycle. Expanding on what you learned in VM5, together we will explore the connections between our organs and our emotions, in depth.

Course Highlights

Explore the body and the organism, physical energy, psychoemotional energy and release techniques all with respect to Jean Pierre Barral's unique visceral approach.

Discover all three levels of Manual Thermal Evaluation, active and passive tissuloemotional liberation, and psychoemotional liberation.

Understand the Chicken-or-Egg Syndrome in relation to organ dysfunction and emotions.

Learn how to break the visceroemotional cycle through Visceral Manipulation.

As a workshop that would typically be offered at the post-graduate level, this course engages course participants in a dynamic exchange of information tailored to advanced skills.

Upon completing the seminars of Visceral Manipulation, you will have the ability to look at the wholeness of a person (muscles, skeleton and organs), a complete image and understanding, a new style of manual therapy.



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