VM4 – Σπλαχνική Κινητοποίηση 4



The Thorax - VM4 focuses on the functional biomechanics of the thoracic cavity, After taking VM1- VM3: The Abdomen 1 - 2 and The Pelvis you've become acquainted with the feel of the different abdominal organs and local restrictions, as well as their dynamic relationship with the pelvic cavity. In VM4, you will explore the relationship between the hard frame and soft frame with its countless articulations for respiration, circulatory requirements and upper body movement patterns. During this seminar you will be introduced to techniques via hands-on practice, that manipulate the soft tissue within the thoracic cavity and listening techniques, that help with the evaluation.

Course Highlights

Learn to identify, receive and conduct Jean-Pierre Barral's method of evaluation and treatment for the organ systems of the pelvic cavity, including the integration of the pelvic organs with the complex ligament systems of that body region.

Explore visceral fascia of the throat and thoracic cavity.

Review the anatomy, biomechanics and function of the thoracic organs.

Study the biomechanics of the cervical, thoracic, rib cage and shoulder girdle complex.

Learn techniques to release the soft tissue components of the thoracic inlet and hyoid apparatus.

Practice listening techniques within the thoracic activity.

Understand practical integration of the thoracic cavity organs.

Learn integration of the thoracic organs with the complex ligament systems of that body region.

Discover techniques for differentiating between somatic and visceral causes for thoracic and spinal problems.

Special Focus on Pleura, Lungs, Pericardium, Heart, Mediastinum, Thyroid, Trachea, Esophagus, Sternum, Rib Cage and Thoracic Plexuses.

Upon completing the seminars of Visceral Manipulation, you will have the ability to look at the wholeness of a person (muscles, skeleton and organs), a complete image and understanding, a new style of manual therapy.



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3. For participants living abroad, the fee is 300 USD in advance. The rest of the fee (510 USD for VM1, VM2, VM3 and VM4 or 595 USD for VM5 and VM6) must be paid within 7 business days before the start of the course at the latest.

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7. The participant has the right to withdraw from the course and receive a full refund of the fee in advance, if the withdrawal occurs at least 30 days before the beginning of the course.

8. To withdraw, please write an e-mail using this address: info@upledger.gr. The date of the e-mail will count as the date of withdrawal (in regards to term 7 above).

9. The organizer is responsible for providing: training room with workstations equipped with plinths, printed training materials, i.e. a study guide, and translation services for the duration of the course.

10. The organizer does not provide transport to the place of training, boarding or lodging.

11. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the course and refund the full course fee up to 21 days before the start of the course.

12. The organizer reserves the right to change the dates of the course. If, however, the participant cannot participate in the newly scheduled course, the organizer must refund any payments made by said participant.

13. The participant who signed and sent the Registration Form agrees to the above General Terms, financial conditions, and course dates. Any provisions not regulated by these General Terms will be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code.

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