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The CST Core-Pak

It’s a training program, only available in Greece and USA, which offers a significant discount to the total price of the seminars it includes. The payment is set up on a convenient schedule of 100 euros per month, so it helps you to budget for your continuing education.

If you have already completed a seminar included in the offer, contact us. The program is flexible and can be adjusted for you accordingly.

The standard tuition for the CranioSacral seminars that are included in the program CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2 and the CST Techniques Certification (CST-Techniques) is:

  • CS1: 730 euros
  • CS2: 730 euros
  • SER1: 810 euros
  • SER2: 810 euros
  • Techniques Certification: 500 euros
  • Total:  3.580 euros

The CST Core-Pak’s total is 2.800 euros, you will be getting a 780 euro discount!

Call us on 215 535 6688 or 6948079564 in order to register for our program and settle the payment method together. The monthly payment will be charged to your credit or debit card.

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*This program is only available in Greece.

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