Study Support

The many ways available to help you along the way...

Study Groups

You will be welcome to attend regular study group sessions organized by some of our advanced and qualified practitioners. This means those who have trained to Advanced 1 (or higher) and completed their Techniques Certification (if not their Diplomate as well! - see below for what this means). During these sessions workshop material is reviewed and practised or treatments are exchanged. Please be aware that it is strictly Upledger CST techniques, as taught in the classes, that are explored. Occasionally there is material covered, either as prearranged topics or from the questions that arise in a mixed level group setting, that is from further down the curriculum than every participant may have gone. If this is the case study group leaders will typically suggest training-appropriate activities!

Repeating classes

These workshops are extremly full of information, practical experience and treatment. It is not likely that anyone can hear and take on board fully all of the information available at any one time. Therefore we warmly encourage you to repeat classes if you can. There is a charge is 50% of the standardfees for each course. Please contactus so we can give the exact price. We hope that helps!

Assisting at Classes

Typically shortened to TA-ing this refers to the opportunity to come along and assist at a workshop. You can apply to assist on CST1 after having done SER1, and on CST2 after having successfully assisted on two CST1s, and so on. These are great opportunities to review the material from previous courses as well as support students now training. We cannot always guarantee that requests to TA particular workshops will be fulfilled. Priority is generally given to those students who are going through the exam process.​

Facebook Group

We have recently started a Facebook Page. There is also the group for the alumni called Upledger Alumni. Please come and find us! If you 'like' it then it helps you keep in touch with what is going on.
If there is anything else you can think of that we could reasonably do then please ask.

The other thing that we believe supports your study and the work out in the world is to take the exams. While thay have never been complulsory as people have, in the past, worked under a different licence and simply added CST to their practice we feel that it is beneficial to have shown you understand the work and its application as we will tell you on our Exams and Qualifications page.
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