VM2 – Level 2 – Ui Greece

VM2 – Level 2

January 25, 2019
VM3 – Level 3
April 17, 2019

VM2 – Level 2


Visceral Manipulation 2

Abdomen 2

Instructor: Nabil Lahlouh Gonzalez, PT, CVMP

July 16-19, 2020, Athens, Greece

Taught in English, translated in Greek.

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Visceral Manipulation 2

In VM2 you will expand on the functional anatomy, hand placements, and techniques you learned in VM1 to give you a deeper understanding of the abdominal cavity and its relationship to the cranial and thoracic cavities.

In this intermediate-level workshop students will begin with a review of functional anatomy, hand placements, and manipulations that were covered in Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1, followed by additional concepts and techniques. Emphasis is on the kidneys, greater omentum, peritoneum, spleen, and pancreas. It includes lecture, demonstration and hands-on practical experience for each technique presented.

Course Highlights

  • Identify and explain the deeper structures within the abdominal cavity, focusing on the kidneys,
    pancreas, spleen, peritoneum, and their connective or suspensory tissues.
  • Learn about the concept of restriction planes, mobility, and motility.
  • Begin to incorporate multiple long-lever techniques into your VM work.
  • Participate in supervised, hands-on sessions that guide you through specific techniques for locating and evaluating each organ, along with the effects and contraindications.

Barral said, “What we are wanting to do is to give the body a clear message.” “To be specific in a short time.” He says these things over and over. These are his messages of proprioceptive communication – his unique style and approach to working with patients.

Course Participants: Licensed or certified healthcare professionals or students, including Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Naturopaths, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Nurses, and other allied healthcare professionals.


Nabil Lahlouh Gonzalez, PT, CVMP

The course will be taught in English and translated in Greek.
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Required reading:

Visceral Manipulation II cover
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eBook Visceral Manipulation II


Upledger & Barral Institute Greece

Cheiden 15, Athens 104 34

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Course Schedule

Group of students

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Days 1-3
8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Day 4

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