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January 22, 2019
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SomatoEmotional Release Technique: Mastering the Inner Physician

Athens City Center, Greece

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Are you hesitant to incorporate imagery or to engage your client in conversation during your cranial sessions? Are you unsure about how to begin the process, or perhaps afraid you lack the skills to follow up once you begin? Then this class is specifically designed for you.

You may have heard Dr. John compare imagery and dialoguing to “talking to yourself”. Essentially, SomatoEmotional Release Technique: Mastering the Inner Physician (SERTIP) helps you better understand how to successfully incorporate this powerful method into your sessions. This course integrates CST with what Carl Jung called “active imagination” – a way to bridge the gap between the non-conscious and the conscious. Along with imagery and conversation, active imagination can include dream work and art. All of these things can go a long way in helping you to know yourself better and in so doing, know how to help your client better.

This class will focus on combining various Gestalt techniques from Fritz Perls, with Roberto Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis ideas. You will learn how to actually become the objects that appear in your personal sessions, to recognize the foreground and background in a given scenario, to become more aware of being in the here and now. Most importantly, this experiential approach will help you identify and explore your various inner characters or “subpersonalities.”

Discovering and integrating the various characters that live within us can be vital in helping us become more authentic, understanding human beings. As course developer Stan Gerome has said many times throughout the years. “The most valuable tool a therapist can bring to a session is a more integrated therapist”.

We hope you join us in this fascinating and revealing journey in allowing the psyche to speak.

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Stan Gerome, LMT, CST-D

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 9:00 am – 06:30 pm

Start on 8:30 am only on the first day of the course.